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Spontaneous Combustion

Paintings and Drawings by Emily Erickson

October 1-31 Spontaneous, for that is the way I paint, Combustion, because it fits this time in California! For the last few years I have been working mainly in pen and ink and colored pencil, but have been getting back into painting now that I have a studio at Jackknife. My drawings and paintings have a tribal feel, reflecting my travels and fascination with line and shape. I work unconsciously, and let the line guide me (it always surprises me) and add layers and color in the moment. Living in Chicago until 2005, I worked in the film industry, (a lot of films and commercials were shot there.) I was a costumer, designer, and production coordinator for most of my years there. Fortunate to work with such luminaries as Susan Sarandon, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, Jonathan Demme, and my fave, PeeWee Herman, to name a few. I also worked for the guy who did all the funny commercials, with Clara Peller, of “Where’s the beef” fame! I bought an old Victorian tavern that had been voted dry, and made it into my studio, art gallery and home in Chicago. Always doing my art in my spare time, I showed at various locations, including the Cultural Center, and The Illinois Artisan shop, and at a few local galleries, and my favorite watering hole on Lincoln ave, “Sterches”. Now I am very happy to concentrate on my art, no more twenty hour days! I am very happy to have a painting in the DeYoung Museum California artist show, which just opened. I reserved the Jackknife gallery for October almost a year ago, thinking of having a big party celebrating a big birthday, but now, it will be by appointment only. Contact me at <> 773-758-4899


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