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Disappearing Ink

Work by Fred Noland

Opening: Saturday October 7th, 5 - 7 pm

View By Appointment - October 8th - 21st

What do Bruce Springsteen, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Matt Groening have in common? These cultural icons were midwifed by alternative weekly papers. Once a vital outlet for local news, culture and entertainment and proving ground for burgeoning journalists, cartoonists and illustrators, alt-weeklies have plummeted in number since the 90s; vanishing entirely in some markets.

Disappearing Ink is a solo exhibition by Fred Noland, sampling work from his years as an editorial illustrator. With topics ranging from Police over-reach and political machinations to noisy dog parks, his use of traditional media harkens back to a time when the weeklies were still a force. The papers are slowly disappearing, but the art and the message remains.

To schedule an appointment call 510-631-2409 or email

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