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Fake It Till It's Sacred: New work by Jason1969

Opening Gala: Sunday, January 21, 4 - 6pm

Show dates: Jan. 21 - Feb. 4, 2018

The Golden Ratio. The Seed of Life. Triangles. Sacred geometry is everywhere, literally and, well literally. The perfect mathematical forms have influenced all of creation, we see it in religion, architecture, and now, yoga mats. Who am I to argue with da Vinci? So why isn't the world in perfect shape? What does the geometry look like that gives us this current reality of human idiocy? "Not-So-Sacred Geometry." I shook the Tree of Life and found chaos underneath. Cultural icons we might hold sacred have been called in to testify. With, vinyl records, lottery scratchers®, postal graffiti slaps, and traditional paintings for purchase.

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