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Bodily Knowledge

Paintings by Kevin Shaw + Lanny Weingrod

Curated by Mel Prest

January 11-26, 2020

Opening Reception: January 11, 2-5PM

Closing Event: January 26, 2-5PM

Kevin Shaw and Lanny Weingrod make abstract, non-conceptual paintings about information contained in and of the body. This information is not easily shared in words or literal images; both find paint to be the perfect medium for this expression. These artists’ paintings support and harmonize with one another, while contrasting in process, scale, and touch. “Bodily Knowledge” is a result of their intention to access and interpret and share internal, non-verbal information.

Kevin Shaw walks and crashes into his canvasses with brushes, scrapers and rags to make hard-edged marks and splatters. The paintings invite the viewer into places that are conversational, exuberant, figurative, or uncomfortable.

Lanny Weingrod pours multiple layers of color, mediums and paint on panels. These interactions create uncontrolled spaces with unique edges and shapes that may appear as a fragment of calligraphy, a pictogram, a scene, a story, or a dance.

Images: Kevin Shaw (above) and Lanny Weingrod (below)

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